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Check out some more of our SWEET Treats and Desserts!


Triple Treat Brownie $6 / Brownie or $65 / DZ

Double Chocolate Swirl Brownie $6 / Brownie or $65 / DZ

Chocolate fudge Brownie baked with fresh chocolate chip cookies and Oreos 

Rich Chocolaty Fudge Brownie baked with Milk Chocolate Chunks swirled to perfection


Sweet Charcuterie Board $60
*Substitutions may result in price change

The perfect party tray. A SWEET twist on traditional Charcuterie Boards with a variety of desserts and chocolate covered treats including cake balls, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered Oreos and strawberries 


Breakable Hearts with Strawberries : $58
with out: $30

These customizable breakable chocolate hearts are a fun interactive way to crack open to even more. Hearts include tasty cake balls and chocolates. *Brownies or mini alcohol bottles may be added / if you have a special note, gift or money we can add that in!


Chocolate Lovers $60 / Personal Deluxe packs Available
*Substitutions may result in price change

Chocolate lovers, this one is for you! This platter is filled with all things chocolate. Cake balls, Chocolates, brownie bites, chocolate covered pretzels, cookies and Oreos


1DZ / $30
Cookie Sandwhich $65 / dz 

We offer our drop cookies by the dozen - Chocolate Chip - M&M - Chocolate Peanut Butter - Chocolate Chip Oreo

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